Hotel Villa Amarilla         "Come as strangers leave as family"                     

July of 2011, TJ took his daughter, my two daughters and myself onvacation to Costa Rica.  We fell in love with the country and it's people. We were hooked.  We came back 6 months later to look at some houses. We thought maybe we could rent for a year.  We arrived in Tamarindo to find out we we didn't have a place to stay.  So we drove down the main street from hotel to hotel.  We couldn't find anything. Then we saw this big yellow funky hotel.  Tj said, "this is it, I know they'll have 2 rooms." Of course it was Villa AmarillaBrigitte told TJ that he should buy Villa Amarilla. Of course he laughed and said,"I'm not going to buy a hotel, what do I know about hotels."  The day after we arrived home, TJ  found a  note  his dad had written before he died. It said    "When the opportunity train comes have your bags packed  be ready"  A week later Brigette accepted TJ's offer and here we are.  Was this a long time dream of ours? No, but the more we thought about it, the more  it became our dream.  Was  it  scary....HELL YES!.   We all have one shot at life.  If we don't love the life we are living .... are we living?  

See you travels where ever you go....TJ and Cinde